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About the Program

Applications are now being accepted for Spring 2019 Buchanan Library Fellows.

The Buchanan Library Fellows Program

The Buchanan Library Fellowship program is designed to create in-depth learning experiences for students. The program is open to undergraduate students who are interested in participating in strategic projects for Vanderbilt Libraries over the course of a semester. With faculty and professional librarians as mentors, students work on tactical library projects that will benefit library users. Fellows commit to attending weekly seminars where they work together on multidisciplinary teams to complete their project. They present their work at the end of their fellowship. Selected students learn new skills and complete immersive projects that add to their expertise and resumes. Projects may involve work with rare print and digital collections enhancing accessibility, social media, exhibits and print resources. Through the Buchanan Library Fellowship program, our libraries promote undergraduate research.

Program Benefits

  • Opportunity to add discrete project to resume and build contacts
  • Expand research skills
  • Applied learning opportunity
  • 10 weekly classes supplement independent teamwork
  • Work with leading experts in the library field

Fall 2018 Fellowships


Data Visualization and the Humanities
Libraries, maps, network graphs and datasets reflect and shape the work of scholars in the humanities. This library fellows course provides an overview of the way that literary and historical scholars have organized, analyzed, and presented their research to each other and the public using data visualization. The course includes theoretical, historical and practical work, sourcing materials from the library’s special collections and elsewhere in the library. Combining traditional humanities and digital humanities, the course will also introduce students to a variety of visualization tools and techniques, enabling them to build map digital maps, network graphs, and other types of visualizations using humanities data.

Lead Mentor: Bobby Smiley 
HireADore job code 10049


The News as It Happened: Journalism in Vanderbilt’s Special Collections
Vanderbilt’s Libraries are proud to be the place of record of journalists and newspaper editors whose actions broke news of national importance. From Jim Squires’ decision to publish the Pentagon Papers in the Chicago Tribune to Kathy Sawyer’s coverage of the Challenger disaster, news reporters and their editors carry a responsibility to provide unbiased, timely news. Today, that duty could not be more relevant or important. This fall semester fellowship will examine key figures in the world of journalism whose papers are housed in Vanderbilt University’s Special Collections. Fellows will work collaboratively to produce a physical and interactive exhibit focusing on the contributions made by these writers.

Lead Mentors: Kathy Smith and Sara Sterkenburg
HireADore job code 10050


Spring 2019 Fellowships

A Sense of Time and Place: The History of Vanderbilt University
Have you ever wondered how Vanderbilt University got its name? Or, were curious about why the Stevenson Science and Engineering Library has so many antique instruments on display?  Maybe you attend classes in Garland Hall or live in McTyeire and would like to know for whom the buildings are named. If you would like to know more about how curators interpret historic objects, how to find things in the library, or just know more about the place where you will be spending four years of your life, then consider applying for the spring 2019 Buchanan Library Fellowship Program. This semester, five students will examine historically-significant university manuscripts and documents in the Special Collections Library and place them in context with the university’s and the nation’s history. Fellows will curate an exhibition about their topic and present a report on what they learned about Vanderbilt. This fellowship requires a three- to five-hour commitment of your time and agreement to attend weekly classes. Fellows receive a small stipend and come away with a better understanding of the library, of how to think critically about primary sources, and a completed project on your resume.
For more information, contact Celia Walker.

Applications are being accepted for the Spring 2019 Buchanan Library Fellows.