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About the Buchanan Library Fellowship Program

The Buchanan Library Fellowship program supports hands-on student learning opportunities that build desirable skills and deepen students’ understanding of resources and services in Vanderbilt Libraries. With a focus on undergraduate instruction, the program connects faculty and professional librarians with students to work on experiential library projects and present their work at the end of their fellowship. Fellows learn new skills, earn a stipend, and participate in experiences that add to their expertise and resumes. Projects may involve curating a physical or online exhibition, creating multimedia such as podcasts or videos, contributing new research via academic outputs (e.g. research poster, academic databases, or writing an article) or expanding technology and data skills. Through the Buchanan Library Fellowship program, the Vanderbilt libraries promote student research and experiential learning. Since 2010, the fellowship program has awarded fellowships to over 250 students.

Program Outcomes

The Buchanan Library Fellowship allows students to:

  • Engage in inquiry-based and experiential learning related to a variety of topics in libraries and information science.
  • Evaluate information from diverse perspectives in order to shape their own knowledge base.
  • Work with leading experts in the library field
  • Demonstrate persistence, adaptability, and reflection as components of inquiry
  • Contribute to scholarly conversations by becoming a creator or critic.
  • Synthesize and communicate information to a wider audience.
  • Build lasting relationships with information professionals.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the deadline for applying for a fellowship?
    Typically, applications for fall fellowships are due in August and applications for spring fellowships are due in January. Exact application deadlines will be posted on the Applications page each semester.
  • Are first-year students encouraged to apply? If so, are opportunities especially competitive for first-years?
    First year students are welcome! Each application is reviewed by the project mentors on their own standards.
  • Can students only be chosen as a Fellow one time during their entire undergraduate experience?
    Yes, in order to offer the program to as wide a group as possible, students may only be fellows once during their Vanderbilt career.

We welcome project proposals from Vanderbilt library staff, faculty, instructors, and University staff (please note that at least one mentor for each Fellowship needs to be from the Libraries). Please submit your program proposals using the Buchanan Library Fellowship Proposal Form.

For additional questions about the program, email