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Gilbert Sigaux, 1939

Photo courtesy of the Sigaux family.

Gilbert Sigaux was an editor, critic, author, and professor. He edited over one hundred literary and dramatic texts for publication and served as literary editor and consultant for several French publishing companies. His prefaces, critical notes, and other editorial additions appear in works by authors and playwrights of French, U.S., British, Russian, and other national origin. He collaborated on anthologies, composed entries for reference works, contributed articles to journals and newspapers, wrote essays, and published four novels.

He produced French versions of Scandinavian plays, most notably those of Henrik Ibsen, that were performed in many French theaters. He also participated in radio programs and gave lectures on literary, theatrical, and cultural subjects. Finally, as a professor, Gilbert Sigaux taught French literature, theater, poetry, criticism, and theater history both in France and abroad.

_Les chiens enragés_ de Gilbert Sigaux

In 1949 Gilbert Sigaux won the "Prix Interallié" for his novel, Les chiens enragés

Photo, from left to right:  Pascal Pia, Pierre Mac Orlan, and Gilbert Sigaux.

Most importantly, however, over a period of many years until his death in 1982, Sigaux gathered an enormous personal library of play texts and books and other valuable documents on the theater.

W. T. Bandy Center for Baudelaire and Modern French Studies
Through generous gifts, the Jean and Alexander Heard Library of Vanderbilt University acquired this library in 1986, and it has become a major component of the W. T. Bandy Center for Baudelaire and Modern French Studies.
Sigaux Collection shelves
The Gilbert Sigaux Collection contains some 6,000 volumes, including monographs, theater journals, and primary texts
20th century books
The great majority of these volumes relate directly to the French theater of the twentieth century,
including many with inscriptions.
Inscriptions:  Liliane Atlan; Antoine Vitez; Albert Camus; François Billetdoux.
Inscription:  Claude Aveline.
Inscription:  Marcel Achard.
19th century books
However, there are many books relating to the nineteenth century
18th century
and even earlier periods,

Theatre annuals

including theatre annuals,

Théâtre de la Foire & Théâtre du Second Ordre

collections of specific types of plays,

Non-french plays

and plays from other countries.

Gilbert Sigaux's other interests
Sigaux's interests were not limited to the theater; he collected material on various other forms, such as ballet, opera, cinema and circus.
The collection also contains many texts of plays, some unpublished, plays that were published only in periodicals,
Older playscripts
Playscript with music
Plays from periodicals and a typed manuscript for Marcel Pagnol's adaptation of  _A Midsummer Night's Dream_.
La Grande Dame
and numerous periodicals devoted to the theater.
Misc. periodicals
Misc. periodicals
Misc. periodicals