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The Vanderbilt Project on Unity & American Democracy

Facts and evidence-based information advance our culture and communities. In alliance with The Vanderbilt Project on Unity and American Democracy, the libraries are pleased to offer many opportunities to improve information consumption and responsible information sharing. To help strengthen our collective knowledge in creating, using, and evaluating evidence-based research and information, the libraries can offer your Vanderbilt class, club or organization the following workshops:

Map Literacy

Geovisualizations, maps, and spatial data can and should be critically evaluated just like any other type of data. Learn how and improve your map literacy in this program. Contact Andy Wesolek to schedule a workshop

Critical Thinking about Data Visualizations

This workshop will help participants critically analyze visual elements such as charts, images, and infographics and how this analysis differs from evaluating text. Contact Andy Wesolek to schedule a workshop

Examining Statistics in the Media

In this program, we'll look at some examples of how statistics results and graphics are inappropriately presented and discuss ways we can learn to detect this kind of deception. Contact Andy Wesolek to schedule a workshop


Given the role of audiovisual information in contemporary society, how can we defend ourselves against manipulation by synthetic media? Contact Andy Wesolek to schedule a workshop

Digital Self-Defense, Protecting your Privacy

This workshop will explore the ways in which our online lives are surveilled and offer tools and techniques to enhance online privacy. Contact Andy Wesolek to schedule a workshop

Fact Checking Your Sources

The abundance of news and media produced and shared can overwhelm even the most savvy researcher. We will discuss strategies and tools for identifying bias (including our own!) and practice analyzing information resources in order to identify whether they are reliable and accurate. Contact Andy Wesolek to schedule a workshop

Social Media: Fake News, Alternative Facts, and Curating Your Own Information Intake

Are you trapped in a social media echo chamber? Spring clean your social media feed.
This workshop will help you combat, assess, fact-check, and challenge social-media misinformation and disinformation in real time. Contact Andy Wesolek to schedule a workshop


These workshops are free and open to the public.


Ask A Librarian for a one-on-one consultation or group presentation on your information questions.


Please check back here for program additions and updates or see our Calendar of Library Events.