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PDF Creation / Editing

What's here? Information about what kind of computer equipment (laptops, scanners, printers, software, etc.) and audiovisual equipment (standalone CD and DVD players, microform equipment, etc.) is available in the library.

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Adobe Acrobat Professional
Public workstation (PC) with Epson scanner (1)
Central Library
Government Information-Media Services (4th Floor)
Access: Log in with VUnet ID or see staff member for log-in for non-VU users
Public workstations (PC) (1)
Divinity Library
Computer Area
Multimedia workstation
Public workstations (Mac) (18)
Peabody Library
Learning Commons (Room 304)
iMacs running Windows 7; can be rebooted to access Mac OS
Access: Vanderbilt Faculty, Staff, Students, and Alumni only; users may be asked to present ID

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