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Staff Directory

Ann Mallette

Library Assistant for Cataloging and Metadata

  • Cataloging and Metadata
  • 615-343-1968
  • Email Ann

Melissa Mallon

Director of Peabody Library; Director of Teaching and Learning

  • Peabody Library; Research and Learning
  • 615-322-3147
  • Email Melissa

Sara Manus

Librarian for Music Education and Outreach

Scott Martin

Director of Library Facilities and Environmental Services

Russ Mason

Television News Specialist

Laura Matthews

Library Technician for Book Repair

Lara McClintock

Technician for Media Equipment

Cheryl McClure

Library Assistant for Cataloging and Metadata

Dan McCollum

Coordinator of Public Services, Eskind Biomedical Library

James McCullough

Lead Library Messenger

Joyce McDavid

Library Assistant for Acquisitions

Matthew McGlasson

Chief Business Officer

Jamen McGranahan

Librarian for Application Services

  • Library Technology and Digital Services
  • 615-343-1614
  • Email Jamen

Caleb McLoud

Collections Maintenance Assistance

Joseph Mella

Museum Director, Fine Arts Gallery

Pamela Morgan

Librarian for Sociology; Librarian for Medicine, Health, and Society

Juanita Murray

Director of Special Collections and University Archives

  • Special Collections and University Archives
  • 615-322-2807
  • Email Juanita

Leanna Myers

Web Designer and Social Media Coordinator

  • Assessment, Communication, and Engagement
  • 615-343-6623
  • Email Leanna