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Staff Directory

Merry Balthrop

Coordinator of Lending, Interlibrary Loan

Teri Bante

Manager of Library Annex

Steven Baskauf

Data Science and Data Curation Specialist

  • Digital Scholarship and Communication
  • 615-343-4582
  • Email Steven

Carla Beals

Library Brand and Graphic Design Manager

  • Assessment, Communication, and Engagement
  • 615-343-3756
  • Email Carla

Susan Bell

Librarian for Cataloging and Metadata

Suzanne Bell

Library Assistant for Acquisitions

Chris Benda

Librarian for Theology and Religion

Yuh-Fen Benda

Librarian for Asian Studies; Librarian for Metadata

Regina Berry

Library Assistant for Cataloging and Metadata

Yvonne Boyer

Librarian for Art, French, & Italian; Librarian for WT Bandy Center for Baudelaire & Modern French

  • Central Library; Central Library
  • 615-322-6284
  • Email Yvonne

Zora Breeding

Librarian for Cataloging and Metadata

Meredith Broadway

Librarian for Business Information and Data Analysis

Deborah Brooks

Manager of Operations, Walker Management Library

Melinda Brown

Librarian for Women’s and Gender Studies; Librarian for Inclusion Initiatives

Organizational Chart