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Entrance to Vanderbilt Hospital

Entrance to the Vanderbilt Hospital, with two automobiles in the foreground. Browse related items

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Vanderbilt Medical School and Hospital, seen from 21st and Edgehill, ca 1925

A view of the entire Medical Department complex, with automobiles parked on the street.  Browse related items

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Entrance to Vanderbilt Hospital, ca 1925

A print on modern copy paper of an image of the hospital from the 1920s.  Browse related items

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Hospital Corridor Showing Record Carrier

Vanderbilt Hospital corridor showing record carrier, outpatient department, ca 1925. Browse related items

Vanderbilt Hospital Medical Ward, ca 1925

Medical ward. The closed doors at the end led to a sun porch, where patients were treated for pulmonary tuberculosis.  Browse related items

Vanderbilt Hospital and School of Medicine, ca 1925

Small card printed with an image of Vanderbilt Hospital from the 1920s.  Browse related items

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