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Vanderbilt Student Library Advisory Council

The Student Library Advisory Council was created in 2017 to give students an active voice in library-related issues at Vanderbilt. The Student Library Advisory Council is a two-way forum for information exchange between students and the Vanderbilt University Libraries. Meetings are scheduled once per semester during the Fall and Spring academic terms. The term length for students will be one calendar year, beginning with the spring semester and concluding at the end of the subsequent fall semester. Task forces or working groups may be charged and additional meetings may be scheduled as needed.


The Student Library Advisory Council is charged with maintaining effective communication channels between students & student organizations and the Vanderbilt University Libraries. The Student Library Advisory Council serves as a conduit for the transmission of student needs and concerns to the administration and staff of the Vanderbilt University Libraries. The Council also receives information regarding library programming, resources, and services, as well as assessments of the libraries' impact on learning and research. Council members are expected to serve as informed ambassadors to the larger VU community on library matters.



To contact the Student Advisory Council with input related to library services, please e-mail

2020-2021 Members

Ria Jindal, Chair, Neuroscience, Pre-Med
Rachel Wei, VSG representative, HOD, Biology, English
Richard Johnston, Arts & Science undergrad
Kyle Heard, Engineering undergrad
Rachel S. Blumenstein, Law School
Annika Faucon, PhD student, Vanderbilt Genetics Institute, Graduate School representative
Rachel Chapnick, MBA student, Owen School of Management

Libraries Staff

Hilary Craiglow, Acting University Librarian
Celia Walker, Associate University Librarian
Honora Eskridge, Director of the Science & Engineering Library; Chair of the Campus Library Directors
Shahpar Kamtarin, Coordinator of Public Services, Peabody Library, Student Outreach & Engagement Committee
Andy Wesolek, Director of Digital Scholarship & Scholarly Communications