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Jean & Alexander Heard Libraries

Sarah Shannon Stevenson
Science & Engineering

Gear2Go Lending Policies

General guidelines regarding devices borrowed through our technology lending service:

  • You accept responsibility for the equipment and are held liable for any damage or lost equipment.
  • Most devices are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Devices are available only through appointment, which you can setup and request devices through our form.
  • Allow a minimum of 4 hours for staff to prepare your request.
  • Requests made outside business hours will not be answered until the next business day.
  • Only one of each item type may be borrowed at a time (e.g., one laptop, one calculator, one camera, etc.).
  • Exceptions to borrowing terms and advance requests may be granted on a limited basis by request only for academic or research purposes. Please mention the extension request when filling out the form. 
  • Gear2Go Equipment is available only to current faculty, staff, and students.
  • If a fire alarm sounds and you cannot return the device before you evacuate, please take the device with you and return it when you re-enter the building.

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