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Frequently Asked Questions about Recalls

What is a recall?
A recall is a hold on a checked-out item. When an item is recalled, the library will notify the borrowing user that the item is needed by another user.

How long will I have to return a recalled item?
For items that are checked-out longer than 14 days, users are entitled to 14 days of undisturbed use of that item. If you have had the item for fewer than 14 days, a library notice will let you know that the item will soon be recalled, and advise that you plan for the use of that item accordingly. If you’ve had the item for 14 days or more, you’ll have 7 days to return the item before recall fines begin to accrue.

For items that are checked-out less than 14 days, users will have 7 days to return the item before recall fines begin to accrue. At least 2 notices will be sent to your email account before any fines start to accrue.

Who can place recalls?
All library users can place recalls.

What happens if I ignore recall notices?
Fines for recalled items are $1 per day (or $2 per day for media items from the Music Library). Once the recalled item is 15 days overdue, the owning library can bill for the item. Being billed for an item is not equivalent to purchasing an item. Billing includes the cost of an item, costs to catalog the item ($35) and a non-refundable billing fee of $25.

What options do I have if I’m still not done with the recalled item?
You may place a recall on the item. Keep in mind that all users are entitled to either 7 or 14 days of undisturbed use (see above) before an item can be recalled. To ensure access to the item within a reasonable time frame, you may also place an interlibrary loan for the needed item.

I need the item for one of my courses or to complete a paper. Do I still have to return the recalled item?
Yes, recalled items must be returned by the new due date. See the options above for what to do if you still need an item that has been recalled.

I haven’t been checking my email lately. Will I still be fined if I fail to return the recalled item by the new due date?
Yes, fines will still apply. As a borrower of library items, you are responsible for monitoring your account and reading overdue and recall notices sent by Heard libraries.

Why doesn’t the library just purchase another copy of the item needed?
Purchasing a limited number of copies allows each library to collect a much wider variety of materials.