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Confidentiality of Library Records

Protecting the rights of library users to view and read materials without fear of intrusion, intimidation or reprisal is a core value for all libraries. To safeguard the privacy of individuals in their use of the library, the Vanderbilt University Libraries maintains the confidentiality of library records. Student records, including library borrowing records, are additionally protected by federal privacy laws.

The registration and circulation records of the Vanderbilt University Libraries are confidential and no library employee shall reveal the identity of any borrower to any requestor.

Except in accordance with proper judicial order and with permission of the designated administrative officer(s) of the University, no person shall make known in any manner any information contained in such records listed above. In the absence of such judicial orders or University administrative permission, those to whom information will be denied include, but are not limited to, faculty, staff (including library staff except in the pursuit of their assigned duties), parents, students, campus security, police, FBI agents, and military personnel.

In addition to the registration and circulation records described above, access records are those data concerning entry to the library collected via turnstiles or door card readers. These records are maintained by the Vanderbilt University Card Office. Requests for access to this data should directed to Library Administration.