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Placing Items on Reserve

Physical Reserves and E-Reserves

General Information

Instructors may place materials on reserve in any library by submitting an Online Reserve Request Form.

Physical Reserves, Print or Media

Physical reserve materials can be print or media. Service desk staff can direct library users to where physical reserves are held. E-reserves are more popular and convenient for students, though not all publishers will allow electronic reproduction of their materials for reserves. Please consider E-reserves first; if there are problems with copyright permissions, we will contact you about placing the items on physical reserves.

Instructors' personal copies of books and media materials may be placed on physical reserve. Staff will label and barcode all personal materials. Staff members are cautious when handling personal materials but there are some risks. Do not place valuable or irreplaceable items on reserve.


Instructors can request that journal articles and book chapters be made available to students via E-reserves. All E-reserves are posted to your Brightspace course in a designated E-reserves folder. The library’s Copyright page offers assistance on determining what can be posted and how much of a work can be used.

The Library will scan E-reserves but will not copy materials. Instructors are responsible for providing clean, loose, one-sided 8 ½” x 11” photocopies, with black edges minimized, for scanning. If you already have electronic copies of your readings, you may submit them to the library via flash drive or email attachment.

Copyright permissions lasting for one semester/module are obtained through Leganto or Copyright Clearance Services. A new request must be initiated for each semester/module that a reading is used. In many cases, the library can provide links to requested content already licensed for Vanderbilt community use from the library’s electronic databases.

For instructors who prefer to post copyrighted course readings themselves, the first and best option to secure semester/module-long copyright clearances is through Leganto, which is integrated into Brightspace. A new request clearance must be initiated for each semester/module a reading is used. For items that need special attention, the library’s Copyright Clearance Services will work to obtain any needed copyright permissions. Such readings must be protected with access limited to students and instructors in the course.

Submitting Reserve Requests

Please submit your completed course reserves form(s) three weeks before the beginning of the semester to ensure they are processed and filled by the start of class. Requests received after the deadline will be handled in the order received. During rush request times it may take 3-4 days to process a request.


Reserve items will be removed at the end of semester. Personal copies or articles can be picked up after the last day of exams or delivered to your department by campus mail. If you have large volume of personal materials it is your responsibility to arrange pickup. These items cannot be held or stored at the service desk.


If you have questions concerning course reserves services, email us at