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Peabody Library Lockers

Peabody Library has 25 lockers available for graduate and professional students. Locker assignments are on a first-come, first-served basis, and can be shared by up to 3 students. Each student will need to fill out a locker agreement form

Graduate & Professional Student Locker Use Policies and Guidelines


  • Only current Peabody Graduate & Professional Students are eligible for library lockers.

Locker Assignments

  • Eligible students may apply online ( for a locker.
  • Lockers are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis at the beginning of the academic year. Lockers can be reserved for one semester at a time.
  • Students are limited to reserving a locker for one semester only during an academic year.
  • Students may share lockers with up to (2) additional students.

Locker Use Agreement

  • Once your application is approved, each student must sign a Locker User Agreement and bring it to Peabody Library, Office 305B, where you will pick up your key.

Locker Use Guidelines

  • Locker keys will be assigned.
  • Lockers must be kept locked at all times.
  • Lockers may be shared with up to 2 additional students.  Each party must sign the Locker User Agreement for the assigned locker, and are responsible for the locker contents.  A key will be assigned to each party.
  • No items are to be affixed to the locker’s interior or exterior.
  • Lockers may not be permanently altered by the assignee(s).
  • Any Vanderbilt library materials or interlibrary loan items that are stored in lockers must be checked out to the locker assignee(s).
  • Any electronic devices stored in the lockers must be turned off (i.e., cell phones, tablets, computers).

Locker Content Responsibility

  • You may store items in the lockers at your own risk.
  • Peabody Library is not responsible or liable for stored items.
  • Peabody Library is not responsible or liable for the loss, theft, or damage of locker contents.

Allowable Items

  • Personal books
  • Research materials
  • Writing implements
  • Notebooks and notepads, etc.
  • Non-perishable items, such as granola bars or water bottles

Non-Allowable Items

  • Unsealed food or drink containers
  • Noticeable aromatic items
  • Perishable items
  • Prohibited, dangerous, and/or illegal items (i.e. controlled substances, drugs, alcohol, flammable materials, chemicals, explosives, weapons)
  • Library books or items not checked out to locker assignee(s)

Locker Inspection

  • Peabody Library reserves the right to conduct locker inspections at will or as needed.     
    • Any found violations will result in immediate termination and revocation of locker assignee(s) privileges for a period of one academic year

Locker or Key Damage

  • Lockers that are damaged or with non-functioning keys will not be assigned/reassigned until repaired
  • Locker assignee(s) will immediately report any and all locker issues to library staff (

Locker Clearing

  • Keys must be surrendered at the end of each semester, no later than the last day of classes to Peabody Library staff (
  • Any personal items found in a locker after it the surrender period will be placed in Peabody Library lost and found