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Peabody Course Reserves

Special Statement for Summer 2021

At Vanderbilt Libraries, we know that the new online learning environment can be stressful, and we are here to help with our convenient Course Reading List Tool! It will provide seamless digital access to course readings and other educational content in your spring courses. Due to continued COVID-19 safety concerns and with the possibility of students participating in courses from all over the world this spring, the Vanderbilt Libraries are now an e-preferred library, and we have made a commitment to provide access to course reserve materials electronically.

What this means for you:

  1. For all reserve items requested, we will either purchase an electronic version or provide permanent links to library-owned electronic materials.
  2. In cases where no electronic copy is available, we will purchase a print copy, and contact you to confirm which portions should be digitized for class use.
    1. Please note that we do not typically purchase textbooks (either digitally or in print), due to high cost and lack of availability for library purchasing. We are happy to digitize individual chapters of textbooks that the library owns for online access, but due to copyright restrictions, we will not be able to digitize entire textbooks.   
  3. Depending on copyright considerations, print reserve requests may still be accepted on a very limited case-by-case basis, but please note that all print reserve items must be quarantined for 72 hours between check outs, per safety guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19.
    1. You are encouraged to consult with your department Subject Librarian to identify alternative online and/or open access materials that will meet your course needs. We are here to help!

The Course Reading List Tool, provided by the Libraries and accessible through Brightspace, facilitates requesting materials for a course. This accompanying guide provides a few short instructional videos to walk you through the process of submitting requests and adding content to your courses on your own.

To get started, please send a list of complete citations (page numbers, chapters, or a note for full text of articles)  by course to OR you can begin building your reading list following the steps provided  in this convenient guide.  As a reminder, the Libraries are not notified when a course is rolled over in Brightspace. Once you have rolled over your course, you must send an email to: to notify the Library that your course readings need to be rolled over and processed.

Requests will be processed in the order received. You may experience delays for requested materials that need to be digitized. Please note that reserve requests will not be processed over the University holidays.

Please direct all communications regarding course reading lists to


Course Reserves Guidelines

REMINDER: If there are any old links that rolled over from SIPX it is your responsibility to remove them.

Submitting Requests  

  • Options for submitting course reading requests:
    1. Submit bibliography (with complete citation information) of readings to via one of the following options: 
      • Export bibliography of readings from a reference management software (e.g. EndNote, Zotero, Mendeley). 
        • For EndNote, when possible, select the SHOW ALL FIELDS option. 
        • For Zotero, when possible, select the CREATE BIBLIOGRAPHY option.
      • Provide full bibliography of readings in a Word document.
    2. You and/or your Teaching Assistants always have the option of uploading your course readings to Brightspace yourself using the Course Reading List Tool. 
  • Please provide full bibliographic information for each reading. 
  • Requests are processed in the order in which they are received in the reserves mailbox. Providing the full citation information for all readings is crucial for it to be processed. Any missing information will hold up the processing of your request until all necessary information is received. 
  • Peak time processing of reserves can take one to two weeks, so the earlier a request is submitted the better. 
  • Vanderbilt University recognizes Fair Use as a viable option when providing access to course reading materials. If the library does not subscribe to a reading, instructors have the option to either claim Fair Use or seek copyright clearance. Seeking copyright clearance will trigger a cost that will be charged back to your school, department, or college. This fee averages 20 cents per page per student.  
    1. If you choose to claim Fair Use on a course reading instead of sending an item through copyright clearance, you will be required to upload the item to the Course Reading List Tool yourself and assign it the Fair Use tag. The library can not upload these items due to liability. 
    2. To evaluate your Fair Use claim, the Fair Use Checklist:
  • If a reading is available electronically through the library, the reading needs to be linked directly.  It is a violation of our contract with the publisher to post PDFs when the reading is available electronically. It is the responsibility of faculty or a faculty member’s TA to review the Brightspace course to make sure there is no contract violation.
    • If PDFs were uploaded to courses due to exigent circumstances (e.g. emergency shift to remote teaching), these PDFs must be removed at the end of the semester in which the circumstance occured.

After You’ve Submitted Your Request  

  • Approvals for readings vary, and can take between 2 to 8 weeks to receive copyright permissions from the rights-holders (typically book chapters take longer than articles.) 
  • Faculty will be contacted regarding any readings that are not able to be located electronically through the library or freely online. 
    • It will be the responsibility of the faculty member to determine if an item is claimed as Fair Use. 
  • Once the reading list is completed, faculty will be notified.  It is the responsibility of faculty or a faculty member’s TA to review all items have been added correctly. 
  • Reading lists will be accessible through Brightspace via the Course Reading List link located in the Course Readings module. 

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