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Blair Performance Archive FAQ

What is the BPA?

Blair Performance Archive. It consists of items drawn from the Archives of the Wilson Music Library at Vanderbilt University. Included are programs, information, and streaming audio and video files for Blair-produced performances and masterclasses and, prior to 1981, for the George Peabody College School of Music. This online digital archive was first developed in 2010 and is continuously updated with new performance data and recordings. These resources are presented largely as they were received as per agreement with the Blair School of Music. The Blair Performance Archive is a joint project between the Blair School of Music, Vanderbilt University's Library Technology and Digital Services, and the Anne Potter Wilson Music Library.

Who can use the BPA?

The BPA is fully searchable by anyone. Due to copyright restrictions, files can only be streamed from on campus. If you have a VUnetID and password, the BPA can be used from off campus.

What years does the BPA cover?

There is strong coverage from 2004 to present. Older audio/video recital formats are slowly being digitized and are added as they become available. Physical formats are housed in the Music Library and users may make a request to add a specific recital if it hasn’t previously been added to the BPA. The earliest recordings currently in the BPA date from 1950.

Can I download files from the BPA?

All files are copyrighted and therefore not downloadable. A single copy of recordings may be requested by participants on recitals for their evaluation (as per Guidelines for Educational Uses of Music, 17 USC. 108) by using the Recital Requests Form available from the Wilson Music Library’s homepage. Anyone can make a request, including guest artists, Blair Academy Students, or conductors. A VUnetID and password is NOT needed to submit a request.

How long does it take to add a recital to the BPA after the recital is over?

3-5 days for recordings submitted with performer and repertoire information. Recordings submitted without performer and repertoire information can take much longer – processing is usually paused until a concert program can be obtained, or until musical works can be identified.

Why aren’t programs attached to some of the recitals in the BPA?

Programs aren’t always submitted with the recording. If a program was given to the Wilson Music Library, it will always be included. We highly encourage students and faculty to submit their programs to the Blair Schedule Coordinator, who will provide the programs to the Music Library. Blair faculty and students can also use the “Program Drop Box” just outside of the Music Library doors or send a Music Library staff member a copy of an electronic program.

Are there recitals in the BPA that take place outside of the School of Music?

The addition of such performances is largely dependent on whether the concert organizer/performer provided recordings or recording files to the Music Library. A notable exception is the Cheekwood Chamber Music Series which can be found in the BPA.

Can alumni use the BPA?

Alumni cannot listen or watch sound/video files unless they are on campus (but the database is fully searchable to all users). Alumni may make requests for copies of their recitals using the Recital Requests Form.

Recital Requests

Recital Requests Form

Who can make a request?

Anyone can make a request including guest artists, Blair Academy Students, or conductors. Requests are only filled if the requestor was a performer or participant on the recital. A VUnetID and password is NOT needed to fill out a request.

How long does it take for you to fulfill my recital request?

It can take up to 10 business days.

How will you send my requested file to me?

Requested files are delivered via Vanderbilt Box, which is similar to Dropbox. Watch your email for a Box invitation from a Music Library staff member. The invitation may go to your "junk" email folder. You will have 30 days to download the recital from Box before it is removed.

I just need one piece from my recital, can you edit the full recital?

Due to the high volume of requests, the Music Library does not provide recording editing services. The entire recital will be delivered to the requester.

Can I request a recital that I didn’t perform on?

It depends. If you are responsible in some other way for the content of the recital, then yes, you may make a request (composed one of the works, provided program notes, etc.).

Can I make a request for someone else, like a guest artist?

No, all requestors must sign a legal user agreement prior to receiving a file for download. You may not sign this agreement on behalf of someone else.

The sound/video quality is not what I expected on a file that I requested. Can you fix it?

Requests will be fulfilled with the original "master" recordings as they were received from Blair Technical Services. The Music Library does not provide editing services. Audio/video files are presented largely as they were received from Blair Technical Services.