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Jean & Alexander Heard Libraries

Walker Management Library

Maymester Library Programs

The Walker Management Library, in cooperation with the Digital Scholarship and Communications Office, presents the following three programs for 2020 Maymester:

Business Mapping with ArcGIS Business Analyst
Data Visualization with Tableau
Introduction to Python


Owen Students and 2020 Graduates may register for any or all programs. Registration closes May 8th.


Business Mapping with ArcGIS Business Analyst  Business Mapping

Participants will gain introductory experience with mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in general and ArcGIS Business Analyst (web version) in particular.
ArcGIS Business Analyst is a solution that applies GIS technology to extensive demographic, consumer spending, and business data to deliver on-demand analysis, presentation-ready reports and maps. Following a brief introduction to GIS and ArcGIS Business Analyst, participants will complete a hands-on activity: "Select a Business Site with Competitive Analysis."

Live session via Zoom: May 20, 2020 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm Central Time (1 session, 2 hours)

Asynchronous learning: Not required, but introductory lessons on the subject will be provided prior to the workshop. 

Course website (registrants will receive the password)


Tableau is an interactive data visualization software used by many industries. Students who participate in this program will learn to import, merge, manipulate, and visualize data in Tableau. Participants will utilize online learning modules in the O'Reilly for Higher Education database and be provided with the same data used in the video course to follow-along. Following the video series, students will be given business-focused data and problem sets to work through. The final live workshop session will be sharing student visualizations and discussion of data visualization best practices. The workshop will help students better understand how to tell a compelling story through their data. This is a reformulated version of the Mod IV Tableau program and workshop. 

Live session via Zoom: May 26, 3:30  pm– 5:30 pm Central Time (1 session, 2 hours)

Asynchronous learning: 10-12 hours

Course website (registrants will receive the password)


 Introduction to Python for Business Analytics and Visualization  Intro to Python

This series of lessons will help beginners get started coding in Python using the popular Jupyter notebooks system. It will explain basic features of Python such as data types, functions, and importing code modules. Participants will learn how to load large datasets, then manipulate the data so that it can be analyzed and visualized using commonly-used Python libraries.

The same business-focused data-sets will be used in both the Python and Tableau programs. This allows participants in both courses to understand two different methods for analyzing and visualizing the same data set.

Live sessions via Zoom: Tuesdays, May 12 - 26, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Central Time (3 sessions, 1 hour each)

Office Hours May 12th and 19th. Final Session, May 26th

Asynchronous learning: 8-10 hours, additional for practice

Course website (registrants will receive the password)