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Jean & Alexander Heard Libraries

Alyne Queener Massey Law Library

Upper Level Research Courses

Advanced Legal Research (2 Credits)

This course will build upon basic legal research skills and expose the student to the information resources utilized by researchers in several specialized areas of law. Following a review of legal research fundamentals (including a review of both secondary and primary materials), the course will focus on specialized research materials in the areas of transnational law, state and local law, company information, business and industry research, securities filings, intellectual property, and an in-depth focus on legislative and administrative materials. Pass/Fail. Enrollment limited.

Business and Securities Research (1 Credit)

After a brief overview of the legal research process and resources, this course will introduce students to specific sources and strategies for researching a variety of business law topics, including corporations and securities. It will cover key primary and secondary sources for business law research: state and federal cases, statutes, regulations, and other administrative materials; subject-specific secondary sources; company disclosure documents; and sources for factual company and industry research, among others. The course will emphasize research process, strategies, and evaluation of sources, including exposure to databases beyond Westlaw and Lexis. Basic knowledge of corporate and securities law is assumed. Pass/Fail. Limited Enrollment.

Legal Practice Technology (1 Credit)

This course will cover the technological tools of law practice, giving students both an opportunity to use these tools and an understanding of their development. Students will explore case management systems, eDiscovery tools, competitive intelligence solutions, and some of the other rapidly evolving applications and devices confronting the 21st-century attorney. "Hands-on" use of these tools will be emphasized. Students will also explore the issues arising from new technological developments in law practice. These topics include new ethics requirements for more technologically savvy attorneys and the implications of technology on client confidentiality. Pass/Fail. Enrollment Limited

Transnational Legal Research (1 Credit)

This course introduces students to concepts and skills used in transnational legal research. This course will build upon basic legal research skills and expose the student to information sources utilized by researchers in conducting transnational legal research. Both primary and secondary authority will be covered in various formats. The course will focus on advanced methodologies and strategies for transnational legal research.  Research topics will include treaties & international agreements; customary international law; human rights law; international intellectual property law, and other related topics. Recommended for students interested in international legal practice, members of the Jessup Moot Court team, and the 2L staff of the Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law. Pass/Fail. Enrollment limited.