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Register to Use Blair Library Collections

Borrowing Registration for Blair Academy at Vanderbilt Students, Blair Patron Society Members & Blair KeyBoard Members

Register here to create a library account for borrowing physical materials from the Anne Potter Wilson Music Library. Please note that registration is not required to use materials inside the library, view the library’s exhibits, or to attend library-sponsored public events.

Registration signifies that you agree to abide by all library policies, and understand that you are responsible for materials that you check out of the library. Applicants under 18 must have parental consent. The parent or guardian must also acknowledge and accept these responsibilities.

Enrollment or membership will be verified by library staff upon registration. Library cards will arrive via mail to the address provided within 1-2 weeks. Library notices are sent via email. Users with excessive library fines may be prevented from registering from future courses at the Blair School of Music.

User Information