Central Library Dissertation Carrel Application


Date of Completion of Qualifying Examinations:
E-Mail Address:
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Anticipated Date of Degree Completion:
  • To be eligible for a dissertation carrel, the student must have passed the departmental Qualifying Examinations (or Comprehensive exams) and either be preparing the dissertation proposal or have already have the proposal accepted.
  • Carrel assignments are for one year, with possibility of renewal. Maximum tenure of four years. Renewal is not automatic, renewal forms must be submitted on time for consideration.
  • Carrel occupants must reside in the Nashville Metro area for the full academic year, and are expected to use the carrels regularly.
  • Contact information must be current. Email communication will be sent to your Vanderbilt email address. Communications will also be placed in the carrel. Communications requiring action on your part must receive a response within no more than 30 days (considerably shorter for recall notices).
  • Non-response after 30 days will be construed as indication the carrel is no longer being used and will result in reassignment. Please be pro-active about communicating with us ahead of time, if you will be out of town for an extended interval.
  • Patrons leaving town are responsible for library materials recalled while away. For books checked out to your carrel we will retrieve them. Materials checked out to you personally must be returned if recalled. If you are travelling you are expected to make arrangements to meet this requirement.
Carrels will be assigned in early September for new carrels, renewal requests will be processed in May, after commencement. The number of carrels is very limited, in the event of applications exceeding available carrels, a lottery will determine which applicants are assigned a carrel.

Submission of this form indicates I have read and agree to follow the carrel policies as outlined above.