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Kesler FAQ

Who may become a member?

Any person engaged in or retired from ministry in the continental United States or Canada may become a Kesler member.

Are there any membership fees?

There are no membership fees. Your only obligation is to pay return postage on items borrowed through Kesler. Items may be subject to overdue or recall fines if not returned by the due date, however. Also, if items are severely damaged or lost, a replacement fee is charged. Thus, it is recommended that you insure packages that you mail to us. We also charge 10 cents per page for document deliveries (articles or chapters that we photocopy for you).

What materials may I borrow?

All circulating materials in the Divinity Library, as well as all circulating materials which can assist with theological research and ministry at other Vanderbilt Libraries, are available for request. Other Vanderbilt libraries include Biomedical, Central, Law, Management, Music, Peabody (Education and Human Development), and Science. Only two books at any given time may be checked out from other libraries besides the Divinity Library.

How long may I keep an item checked out?

You may borrow items for a period of one month; however, if you need additional time, three four-week renewals are permitted, provided that the item has not been requested by another patron.

How many items may be checked out at one time?

You may have a maximum of four items checked out. However, if you send a request for more items than the number allowed, we will send those items to you after the others have been returned. You may have only two books checked out at a time from the other libraries on campus besides the Divinity Library.

What should I do if I get a recall notice?

Receiving a recall notice means that another library patron has requested the book. This is a part of standard procedure at academic libraries, and is the only way we can make sure all our patrons are able to share our materials. Upon receiving a recall notice, please return the recalled book right away. Recall fines are $1 per day after the recall due date.

What other types of notices may I receive?

  • Due Date Reminder: alerts you that a book is due in seven days. Please return or renew the book.
  • Due Today Notice: tells you that the book is due. Please return or renew as soon as possible. (Note: you will only receive these two notices if email is your primary address.)
  • Soon To Be Recalled Notice: alerts you that you will soon receive a recall notice on a book you have had for less than two weeks.
  • Overdue Notice: indicates a book is past due. Please return or renew immediately, but do not send money for fines until you receive a bill.
  • 1st Bill or 2nd Bill: means you owe us money for fines. Please send a check made out to Vanderbilt Divinity Library to our main mailing address:

    Vanderbilt Divinity Library
    419 21st Avenue South
    Nashville, TN 37203-2427

    Contact us if you feel an error has been made (phone: (615) 322-7983; e-mail: