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Library Resources During COVID-19

Questions regarding student access to libraries, checking books out, library hours, laptop checkout, and so on are answered on the library's general Frequently Asked Questions page. More specific questions and answers about finding books and about using the Divinity Library are below.


The library has a book I need, but it's in print and I'm not cleared to come to campus. What do I do?

You have several options:

We have e-books.

Some items you’ll find through the library catalog. See an FAQ on identifying these e-book resources. Other e-books are temporarily available; look in the "View Online" section of the catalog record where you might see links to such items:

Temporarily accessible ebooks


We're scanning and delivering journal articles, book chapters, etc.

If you need journal articles, book chapters, or any other part of printed publications from the university libraries, and you prefer not to visit the libraries in person, simply request that the item be scanned and delivered to you.

  • If you log into the library catalog, you'll see links labeled "Request chapter/article scan" links in the "Get It" section of catalog records.  Click on those links to request scans. 
  • If you're using a library database and see a find it@VU button next to the item you're interested in, click it.  You'll be taken to a catalog record; log in if you aren't, and you'll see the "Request chapter/article scan" link there.


We have a print material pick-up service (for items that are not available electronically).

For details, read a news item about how to use the service. So if you're able to come to campus to pick up an item, this might be an option.


The library doesn't seem to have the item I need. What do I do?

  • Interlibrary Loan has been doing a stellar job of getting electronic copies of articles and book chapters. They're also getting print materials as they can.
  • Purchase Request Form : If an e-book is available, we're able to buy it for teaching and research needs. Use our purchase request form to let us know what you need.


I have items checked out. How do I return them?

The library is open to Vanderbilt University students, faculty, staff, and university affiliates with a Commodore Card during these hours. You're welcome to drop items off at the library service desk. Book drops are also open and are being regularly checked.

Further questions?  Please let us know.


Can I get to my Divinity Library locker?

Lockers are accessible to Divinity and GDR students cleared to be on campus. If you would like a locker or have questions about them, please contact Keegan Osinski.


I have other questions about library resources. Where can I get answers?