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Digital Scholarship Events, Projects, and Working Groups

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Spring Boot Camps, Working Groups, and Events

Boot camps and working groups have returned for Spring 2020. Click on the link for more information.

Open Access Week

Open Access Week 2019

Join us for our Open Access 2019 event featuring Dr. Juan Pablo Alperin. More details can be found by clicking on the above image.


GIS Day 2019

November 13th is GIS Day! This year's is “Mapping Tennessee from the Civil War to the Present.”


Vanderbilt University's Institutional Repository

Vanderbilt University's Institutional Repository (VUIR) is library-supported infrastructure which promotes and expands access to the intellectual output of the University.


Copyright in Research and the Classroom

Copyright protects a wide range of materials and can apply to any original work of authorship that is fixed in any tangible means of expression.


GIS Fall Working Group

This working group will explore how to extend your mapping projects within GIS with code.  Both Python and R introductory lessons and instruction on how to best use scripting to enhance your GIS projects.  We will be working in and outside of standard GIS packages.  You will need to bring your laptop for these sessions.

Linked Data

Linked Data

Linked data encompasses information that is coded, stored and queried as a mathematical graph rather than as a hierarchical set of relationships as in a relational database. Linked data allows the relationships between data points to be easily expressed and prioritized.


Data Curation

Discover how to encode your data and share it with peers by employing standards for data documentation and data citation. We can also advise you about data management protocols and data repositories.

Education Technology

Education Technology

Education Technologies are a key component of the Vanderbilt University Strategic Plan. By embracing these new technologies we foster innovation in learning, teaching, and discovery.

Digital Exhibits


Current and past exhibits displaying Vanderbilt University's unique holdings.

Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities

The digital humanities is an interdisciplinary area of research involving the application of computational methods to humanistic topics of inquiry. Digital humanities projects range widely in scale and technologies.


Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Defending a dissertation is a major scholarly milestone. The Electronic Theses and Dissertations repository at Vanderbilt University ensures that your intellectual work will receive wide distribution.

Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing Working Group

Do you have a project that could benefit from using satellite or aerial imagery? What about LiDAR, Radar, drone or hyperspectral imagery? Have you ever been curious about what Remote Sensing is or how you can apply it to your work? The group will take on different topics in remote sensing each week along with how to obtain data.

Open Access Publishing

Open Access Publishing

Support and infrastructure for new and open publications.


Linked Data Working Group

Explore linked data basics and real applications. Mondays, 12:20-1:00, EBL training room.


XQuery Working Group

If you’re working with any kind of structured data—like, for instance, the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI)—you will benefit from learning XQuery.






Python Working Group

Do you have a project where a Python script would help you get the job done? Each week during the first hour, this working group will help beginners get started with Python. The second hour is a drop-in session where participants can figure out how to solve their own problems by leveraging the many available Python packages.