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Copyright Task Force

A faculty/staff Copyright Task Force, convened by Vice Provost for Learning and Residential Affairs Cynthia Cyrus, released the Copyright Policy for Blackboard late 2014. The Task Force Final Report was submitted April 2015. The report and accumulated feedback was shared with the Provost during Summer 2015, and the Task Force recommendations broadly endorsed. The following actions have been approved for implementation:

  1. Implement the TEACH Act, phasing in its provisions over the course of the next two academic years, with full implementation scheduled for Fall 2017. The TEACH Act will give us additional protections in using copyrighted materials in our online and hybrid educational programs.
    1. Office of General Counsel has approved moving in this direction.
    2. This has undergone separate review at the School of Nursing as the most directly impacted program, and they have endorsed the adoption of the TEACH Act as recommended here, but have requested at least one year for implementation in order to come into compliance.
    3. Associate Provost for Digital Learning John Sloop will add information regarding the TEACH Act and its implications to the support materials for new hybrid and online programs that are in development or in the exploratory phase.
  2. Revise the formal copyright postings on Blackboard to include necessary TEACH-Act related information and ensure technological implementation of TEACH Act requirements, lining up delivery in keeping with the Fall 2017 implementation of TEACH Act provisions. This charge has been given to the Center for Teaching to drive, in conjunction with EMOS and VUIT.
  3. Develop new copyright-related educational materials such as the three videos currently poised for production (a Library/VIDL/Faculty collaboration).
  4. Offer the faculty and departments ongoing copyright education and consultation services.
  5. Develop a campus copyright advisory group to be convened as needed.

For additional information contact: John Sloop or Hilary Craiglow.

Members of the Copyright Task Force:
Clifford Anderson, Library
Hilary A. Craiglow, Library
Kevin R. Davis, General Counsel
Terri Donaldson, Nursing
Daniel Gervais, Law
Jennifer Marie Gunderman, Blair
Aimi Hamraie, A&S
Aidan Hoyal, VIDL
David Allen Michelson, Divinity
Rangaraj Ramanujam, Owen
Larry R. Reeves, Library
Craig A. Smith, Peabody
Holling Smith-Borne, Library
Sandra G. Stahl, Provost's Office
James E. Toplon, Library