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Events Information

Descriptions for Badges



Awareness: This is an introductory event. These workshops are designed for individuals who have little-to-no experience using a particular digital tool and would like to learn the basics.



Skill Building


Skill Building: Think of this as level 2. These events are designed to take a more in-depth look at the features of a tool. If you have experience, but desire to learn more specifics, this is the workshop for you!



Guided Workshop


Guided Workshop: These events are intended for you to get hands-on experience. Generally, you should expect to bring some form of a project or product that you are working on using digital tools and the presenters will work with you to help answer questions and solve problems related to your work.


Open Forum


Open Forum: These events are a chance to get your questions answered about a tool/technology. In them, the presentations will be brief introduction and the crux of the time will be spent allowing you to engage in conversation with the presenter/s on features, best strategies for usage, etc.




Panel: These events generally will bring together either multiple tools/technologies, or multiple individuals using the same tools/technologies in different ways. The panelists will present, and you will be able to ask questions of them all or individual panelists.