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Box 6 Content List

Dossier Contents
1) Caen Personal and professional correspondence, programs, newsletter, press clippings, theatre tickets, periodicals, publications of TMC (Théâtre Maison de Caen).
2) Chine China. Press clippings, notes, journal and book excerpts, book advertisements.
3) Cinéma - E Foreign Cinema (Étranger). Press clippings, newsletter (Club des Amis de Preuves), book advertisement, review, individual folders on foreign cinema personalities.
4) Cinéma - F French Cinema (Français). Press clippings, journal and book excerpts, individual folders on french cinema personalities.
5) Cirque (dossier rouge) Circus (red dossier). Typed manuscripts with corrections (2 chapters of Histoire du Cirque and an encyclopedia contribution), periodical, press clippings, G. S. notes, book and journal excerpts, typed articles or transcripts, book advertisements, bookstore catalog pages, professional correspondence, photocopies (articles, program), bibliographies, an invitation to a joint French-Soviet function/exposition, individual folders relating to circus in general, personalities, and countries.
6) Cirque - Music Hall Circus - Music Hall. Press clippings, program, postcards, book and journal excerpts. The subject matter here relates more to actual Music Halls than the circus.
7) Cirque: Tome I Circus I & II: Photocopy of a book, in two sections.
8) Cirque: Tome II