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Video Reserves

DVDs, videotapes, and other non-book materials are placed on reserve at the Government Information and Media Services (GIMS) desk, located on the fourth floor of the Central Library at the rear of the building. The GIMS service area has several stations where students may watch films assigned as out-of-class viewing, or in-class viewings that students have missed or wish to view again.

Faculty should submit requests to place media items on reserve prior to assigning them in class. Otherwise, one student may check out an item, preventing their classmates from accessing the item in a timely manner. You may submit requests using the reserve request form or via one of the other methods listed below.

Placing Videos on Reserve

Any instructors using films for in-class viewing or out-of-class assignments should place videos on reserve for their students.

The reserve system exists to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to watch required viewings. Instructors should not place a film on reserve unless certain they will assign it. We are glad to add films to your reserve lists as you decide to use them.

If you already know which films you plan to use for a class, please submit a list at the start of the semester. However, we will accept video reserve requests throughout the semester. Please allow us 3-5 days notice, in case we need to recall any items you request.

When You're Ready to Make Reserve Requests

Choose whichever method is most convenient. You can submit requests with the reserve request form. We also accept requests in person, by email, and by telephone at 322-2838.

Loan Period

The loan period for a reserve film is the run time of the film. There is a leeway of 10 or 15 minutes to allow you to get the film back to us if you are not near the GIMS desk. If the film is two hours long, you must have it back to us within two hours. If the film is longer, you must have it back to us within the time designated. Ask us if you have questions about how long you may borrow any film. Any film not returned within the time allotted will start adding hourly fines to your card account until it is returned.

Video Reserves Location

Video reserves are held at the Government Information and Media Services desk. These videos circulate only to faculty, faculty-designated TAs, or to Technology Support Services.

If You're a Student

Normally, videos circulate to undergraduates for three days, but because reserve movies remain in the library, more students are able to watch an assigned viewing in a timely manner.

If you need to watch a reserve video, request the film at the fourth floor GIMS desk and leave your Vanderbilt ID. We will give you a remote control and a pair of headphones to use at one of our nine viewing stations.

To figure out whether a video is on reserve, ask at the GIMS desk. You can also do an online catalog search. In the Library Catalog, click the link at the top right labeled “Course Reserves.” From here, you can search for reserves by instructor, course number, and course name. In addition, reserve movies will have a location of MFM-RESERV in our online catalog.

Reserve films can't leave the building. You can watch the film at one of our viewing stations or on a laptop or other device, but the film must stay in the building. We appreciate your courtesy in returning the film in time for others in your class to complete the assigned viewing.