1998 Informatics Scenario - Information Rich World

This video depicts how an "information service" might integrate with everyday technology in order to increase the quality of healthcare.

Video Summary:

Scenario 1: Susan and her daughter Amy sit down for breakfast when a computer voice (the "information service") alerts them to a high level of atmospheric pollen and advises Susan to increase the dose of Amy's asthma medicine. The computer then gives Susan some stock tips before asking for her husband, who is out running. When John returns, the information service monitors his vital signs after his workout, provides an update on his weight loss goal, and offers to make an appointment for him with his dietician.

Scenario 2: An ambulance responds to a traffic accident indicated by the information service, which describes the location of the accident and the types of vehicles involved. The information service then provides directions to the ambulance driver to avoid traffic congestion resulting from the accident, as well as medical information about the victims and likely complications from the accident. The driver is then briefed on his training and cautions him to request "telepresence" supervision if pneumothorax is suspected. After the driver returns, he calls up his continuing education curriculum and undergoes training for pneumothorax.