2005 Informatics Scenario - Hypertension/Patient Portal

This video presents a scenario outlining the way patients might be able interact with technology to learn about their health, make informed decisions, and increase the quality of their care. This specific scenario addresses hypertension, patient portals, genetics, and medications.

Video Summary:

Scenario 1: Mr. Alan Jones visits Dr. Prince, who accesses his self-reported blood pressure trend through a patient portal, and who compares his gene test profile against known side effects of drugs in order to identify his best option for medication. The doctor then links patient-centered drug literature to his portal account for further reading.

Scenario 2: Mr. Jones visits a drugstore, where before purchasing a dietary supplement he accesses the patient portal through his PDA in order to identify potential interactions with his medications. Once the portal has identified the safety of the supplement, Mr. Jones alters his health record to indicate the new supplement.

Scenario 3: Dr. Prince telephones Mr. Jones about his leg cramps, a note about which he had placed in the patient portal. Mr. Jones had used the portal to learn about his medication's effect on potassium, which may have caused his cramps. Dr. Prince and Mr. Jones then access the portal simultaneously, while on the telephone, and they discuss the report together. Mr. Jones then tells Dr. Prince how involved he now feels in his own healthcare.

Scenario 4: Dr. Prince receives an automated announcement regarding changes in guidelines about Mr. Jones' medication, and she uses her alert service to identify her patients using this information so that she can perform follow-up evaluations on their care.