1993 Informatics Scenario - A Day in the Life of a Clinical Instructor

This video envisions the ways physicians might interact with information technology in order to complete their tasks, including managing their email, educating students, searching the literature, and caring for patients.

Video Summary:

Scenario 1: Dr. Robert Janco (played by Mehmet Goral, M.D.) checks his phone and voice messages through his voice-interactive desktop computer and organizes his tasks using his electronic calendar, which is integrated with patient databases and clinic appointments.

Scenario 2: Dr. Janco's desktop alert service provides continually updated filtered full-text journal articles for Dr. Janco and notifies him of new content.

Scenario 3: Dr. Janco uses the patient information database to plan for his clinical rounding and to provide information to his students about the patients they will visit.

Scenario 4: Dr. Janco uses his desktop computer to view continuing education videos from the library and videos from teleconferences

Scenario 5: Dr. Janco's students access an online pathology module to answer questions about a patient from the afternoon's rounds.

Scenario 6: Dr. Janco tracks his students' progress through online educational module software. He identifies common problems with the students' results to provide feedback for the module owners. Dr. Janco then searches a common medical center database for electronic images to show to his students during the next class period.

Scenario 7: Dr. Janco views a patient over a video stream to determine whether the patient requires a specialist visit.