1995 Informatics Scenario - Seamless Healthcare

This video depicts an information system managing all aspects of a patient's healthcare experience, including acquiring insurance approvals, managing appointments, and empowering the patient's informed participation in his own care.

Video Summary:

Mr. Arthur Jones arrives for his appointment at the Vine Hill community clinic with severe pain in his left leg. The receptionist scans Mr. Jones' health card to verify his enrollment in a health plan. The nurse practitioner then reviews Mr. Jones' electronic health record before seeing him. After examining Mr. Jones, the nurse practitioner requests electronic authorization from his health plan for further tests and a visit with his vascular surgeon. Authorization is immediate, and the clinic staff make the appointment for Mr. Jones through an integrated online appointment scheduling system.

At his appointment with his surgeon, Mr. Jones is scheduled for surgery and the computer system leads him through the appropriate clinical pathway, notifying the correct caregivers, making the correct appointments for him, and authorizing his post-surgery care.