Lulu K. Wolf Hassenplug

Associate Professor of Nursing Education

Vanderbilt University School of Nursing (1938 - 1948)

Lulu Hassenplug

Lulu K. Wolf came to Vanderbilt in 1938 to develop a university program in nursing. Vanderbilt was the first baccalaureate nursing program in Tennessee, granting its first Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S. N.) degree in 1934.

Lulu Wolf was recruited by Dean Frances Zeigler and came to Vanderbilt as an Associate Professor of Nursing Education. In reality, she taught the entire nursing curriculum. Lulu K. Wolf stayed at Vanderbilt for ten years, and during this time re-organized the curriculum and wrote an influential text book entitled, Nursing, published by Appleton Century -Crofts in 1947.

In 1948, Vanderbilt's most dynamic and distinguished Professor of Nursing left to become Dean of the UCLA School of Nursing. Lulu K. Wolf Hassenplug never forgot Vanderbilt and kept close contact throughout her distinguished career in nursing education.

In 1992 the VUSN Class of 1942 published a book entitled Hassenplug On Nursing. They dedicated this book to "LULU K. WOLF HASSENPLUG-Master Teacher, Educational Crusader, Creative Thinker, Nurse Pioneer, Redoubtable Woman."