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Dorothy Johnson

Dorothy Johnson

Dorothy Johnson's professional nursing career began in 1942 when she graduated from Vanderbilt University School of Nursing. She was the top student in her class and received the prestigious Vanderbilt Founder's Medal. She worked briefly as a public health nurse and in 1944 returned to Vanderbilt as an instructor in Pediatric Nursing.

In 1949 she joined the faculty of UCLA where she and Lulu K. Wolf Hassenplug developed the "first four year generic basic nursing program in the United States." *Dorothy Johnson was a prolific writer on the subject of nursing theory. Her many publications on this subject profoundly influenced theoretical thinking in nursing during the second half of the twentieth century.*

She held a strong conviction that continuing improvement of care was the ultimate goal of nursing. Her 1968 paper, entitled, One Conceptual Model of Nursing is a classic contribution to Nursing literature.

After her retirement from UCLA Dorothy Johnson moved to the Florida coast to pursue her hobby of the study of sea shells. She remained active in retirement as a speaker and advocate for nursing education.

Vanderbilt University School of Nursing Class of 1942

Front row - left to right: Lulu K. Wolf (asst. professor of nursing); Marie Jung; Esther Struss; Margaret Steiger; Teressa Rader; Ann Godfrey; Lorene Wilson; Nell Teeter; Mary Jane Stem; Willie Woolsey; Virginia Lunn; Thelma Harlan; Helen Howell (associate professor of nursing); Frances Helen Zeigler (Dean)

Back row - left to right: Margaret Haynes; Dorothy Johnson; Ruby Young; Frieda Chapin; Mary Jarnigan; Charlotte Bacon; Grace Maas; Elsie Hlaua; Sara Jean Colville; Elba Sneed; Leora Warren; Virginia Crenshaw; Elizabeth Ann McElroy

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