Cobb Pilcher, MD


Cobb Pilcher

Cobb Pilcher, a brilliant neuro-surgeon and protege of Barney Brooks, established and developed the Division of Neurologic Surgery at Vanderbilt. A native of Nashville, Pilcher entered Vanderbilt University at the age of 14 and was awarded his M.D. at the young age of 22.

From Vanderbilt, he went to Harvard where he trained with renowned neuro-surgeon Harvey Cushing. He returned to Vanderbilt in 1928 and completed his training under the guidance of Barney Brooks. He also worked with Dr. Percival Bailey at the University of Chicago and Dr. Ernest Sachs at Washington University in St. Louis. Dr. Pilcher was a prolific writer and an active researcher. Tragically, he died unexpectedly, on September 22, 1949.

Cobb Pilcher Cobb Pilcher
Dr. Pilcher in the operating room at Vanderbilt University.