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Pascal Pia

Pascal Pia (1903-1979), literary critic, poet, and editor, occupied a prominent place in twentieth-century French literary and intellectual circles. The Pascal Pia Collection contains French literary works, journals, and ephemera. Many of the publications are from the modern period, with emphasis on prose and poetry since the mid-nineteenth century. There are a number of signed copies are in the collection; personal gifts of such major authors as Albert Camus and André Malraux, both good friends of Pascal Pia.

The Pascal Pia Collection is a unique resource for those interested in the avant-garde and in the relationship of literature and the arts. A reviewer commented that:

"The Collection of twentieth century poetry is most remarkable...Of undoubtedly the greatest value is the collection of periodicals. During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries many of the significant literary contributions were made in so-called...little magazines...I have never seen a collection of such periodicals as exquisite as the Pia Collection. Many titles are very, very rare indeed..."

"Reminiscences of Pascal Pia" by Marc Angenot and Michel Pierssens; discussion led by Robert F. Barsky.
Nashville, Tenn.: Vanderbilt University, 2005

A discussion by Marc Angenot of his reminiscences living with Pascal Pia and his wife Suzanne in Paris along with a discussion about interesting texts in the Pascal Pia Collection at Vanderbilt by Michel Pierssens. The discussions were held in conjunction with the conference "Marc Angenot, Discourse Analysis and Sociocriticism Reading Group" held on February 23, 2005, in the Robert Penn Warren Center at Vanderbilt University and in conjunction with the exhibition "At the Forefront of Change: Paris, 1900-1970: Selections from the Pascal Pia Collection of the W.T. Bandy Center for Baudelaire and Modern French Studies," February 16-March 25, 2005. These discussions were held on February 24, 2005.

Part 1

Part 2

"The French tradition of the printer as creator" recording of Ed Colker discussing the Pascal Pia books with special reference to the Pascal Pia miniature books and Pierre Andre Benoit, recorded in the Bandy Center in 2006.


Pascal Pia

Pascal Pia