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The W.T. Bandy Center for Baudelaire and Modern French Studies

The collection provides a resource for scholars to consult material about Charles Baudelaire's life, works, and related studies. Visiting scholars have the opportunity to research the collection in topics such as Baudelaire's influence on literature and the visual arts, urban history, modernity, synesthesia, and popular culture.

The Bandy Center's most important holdings consist of:

  • First editions of Baudelaire's works
  • Journal and newspapers which first published his writings
  • Collected editions of his works
  • Materials on Baudelaire and related topics
  • Translations of Baudelaire's works into various languages
  • Illustrated editions

The critical focus of the collection is an exhaustive bibliography of writings by and about Charles Baudelaire. Titles of books and ephemera in the Bandy Center are available through the W.T. Bandy Center website, Baudelaire Database, and the library catalog. Current information is added to the Recensement Bibliographique and available from the Bandy Center website under Publications.