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Visiting Scholars

Those persons designated Visiting Scholar are visitors to Vanderbilt who have faculty status at other institutions of higher education or are otherwise distinguished, and whose presence on the campus is formally recognized for periods of up to a year in order to use the library, to observe the conduct of a particular course, to consult with a professor or group of faculty members on a matter of common interest, or to pursue some other valid academic purpose.

A Visiting Scholar normally does not have formal duties to perform at Vanderbilt and is not a member of the faculty.

A person who wants to be named a Visiting Scholar writes in advance to an individual Professor or Dean of a school at Vanderbilt stating the purposes of the proposed visit, the proposed length of stay, and their/her/his academic qualifications.

The Deans may appoint visiting scholars through formal letters of appointment.

Visiting Scholars are entitled to a variety of perquisites, generally associated with matters of convenience associated with their stay on campus.

Graduate students from other universities and local college faculty members not on leave are not ordinarily eligible for designation as Visiting Scholars.