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Historical Tour

Vanderbilt University has created tours of the campus for prospective students, alumni and the public for generations. This project aims to provide an historical look at the campus through the use of old photographs and research collected from Special Collections and the University Archives. The map has reference points for existing structures and for buildings and fields that no longer exist on campus. By looking at these points one can trace the growth of the university from the late 19th century through the early 21st century.

This project was initiated in the fall of 2013 as one of the first Library Dean's Fellow Projects at Vanderbilt University. The research, selection of images and text were conducted by Dean's Fellow, Robert Steiner, a graduate student at Peabody College. The spring semester of 2014 was devoted to programming and testing the Tour, making sure it was usable in multiple computer platforms. The live version of the Tour was released in early May 2014.

Succeeding Dean's Fellows will add more content and expand the levels to include references to public art on campus and add a sound component featuring campus administrators, faculty and students voices.