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Library Fellow Project

The Once and Future Book

Description: Everyone knows what a book is. But what do gutters, fore-edges, diapers, running heads, and pilcrows have to do with books? In this course, students will learn interesting and amusing stories behind useful, though specialized terms in the history of communication from medieval manuscripts to digital publishing. Along the way, students will learn a bit about the history of books and printing from pamphlet wars to the e-book revolution and from the anatomy of the book to the aesthetics of book making. In addition, the Buchanan Library Fellows in the class will become “exhibitionists,” learning the fine art of curation and seeking out examples in our special collections to produce their own exhibition in the Library Gallery.

Lead mentors: Valerie Hotchkiss and Celia Walker.

Dates of Employment: fall 2017 semester

Contact: Celia Walker