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Dean's Fellow Projects

2016 Fall Dean’s Fellows Project

Open Document Repository Project

Description: The project seeks to provide proof of concept for an XML based document repository for providing discovery of and access to scholarly articles. In an XML-based repository, an open text document marked up with a standard encoding tag set and standard metadata would replace a PDF version as the canonical version in the system. A PDF version would be generated from the open text version along with HTML and other versions as needed. The open text version would also be machine readable and could include linked data elements making
the content more accessible to users.

The project will create or acquire a set of documents marked up with the JATS archival tag set. These documents would be loaded into a BaseX XML database. The project team would then develop a web app to provide repository functionality to support discovery and access activities.

This project advances the development of research literature document repositories by exploring light-weight application development for easy implementation. The participating fellow will gain an understanding of scholarly communications and open access concepts, develop skills with mark up and metadata application, and contribute to the development of an open source web application.


  • Research XML document repository environments.
  • Research JATS standards for metadata and document encoding.
  • Research sources for open access content and open access JATS encoded documents that could feed into a local University repository.
  • Encode/migrate a research collection using the JATS XML markup standard.
  • Load documents in XML database.
  • Discuss the functional requirements of institutional repository especiallyas it pertains to providing open access to research literature.
  • Define the functional requirements of the prototype document repository.
  • Apply methods of iterative design to develop a working prototype as proof of concept of a document access and discovery platform using BaseX server, XQuery web application environment, and SOLR discovery software.
  • Model a data structure to support functionality.

Skills Needed: 

  • Interest in information science, information systems, programing (XML, web standards, XQuery).
  • Experience or interest in web development and/or application development.
  • Interest in academic publishing.
  • Comfortable working in a text editor

Mentors: Ed Warga, Cliff Anderson, Morgan Daniels

Dates of Employment: Fall semester 2016

Potential Candidates: Engineering, Computer Science, or EES students

Contact:  Ed Warga -

Please follow the Application Process to apply for this fellowship. Applications will be accepted through April 4, 2016.

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