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Buchanan Library Fellows Project

Buchanan Library Fellows Project, Spring 2020

Gateway to Traditional Chinese Monuments: Data Curation and Web Development for Cultural Heritage Preservation

*This program is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.
Recipients of this fellowship will help faculty to develop data for Architectura Sinica, a Chinese architectural history dynamic site archive and architectural thesaurus. Students work with A&S faculty and library staff to develop entries on individual sites and/or add visual material for thesaurus of technical terms for Traditional Chinese Architecture. Students are acknowledged as co-authors for digital publication of the entries they complete. Pre- or co-requisite of History of East Asian Art (HART 1200) or Architecture and the Mapping of Empire in Asia (HART 2100), or faculty recommendation is required to participate.                                                                 

Lead Mentors: Yuh-Fen Benda and Dr. Tracy Miller

Dates of Employment: spring  semester 2020