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For questions about the Buchanan Library Fellows program, please contact Melissa Mallon.

Successful Buchanan Proposals

A Sense of Time and Place: The History of Vanderbilt University M.A. Caton, C. Walker 2019 Spring
Data Visualization and the Humanities B. Smiley 2018 Fall
The News as It Happened: Journalism in Vanderbilt’s Special Collections K. Smith, S. Sterkenburg 2018 Fall
From Listeners to Leaders: A History of Women at Vanderbilt R. Dicker, M.A. Caton 2018 Summer
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) G. Ore, R. Stringer-Hye 2018 Spring
The Power of Propaganda, Persuasion, and Information Dissemination N. Jones, M. Mallon 2018 Spring
The Once and Future Book V. Hotchkiss, C. Walker 2017 Fall
Helguera Colombiana Independence Project P. Covington 2017 Spring
Tracing the Movement of Populations P. Covingon, J. Schultz 2017 Spring
Visualizing Cass Gilbert’s Woolworth Building M.A. Caton, K. Murphy 2017 Spring
Augmented Reality Sandbox L. Fox 2016 Fall
Helguera Colombiana Collection P. Covington 2016 Fall
Open Document Repository Project E. Warga 2016 Fall
The TV News Archive: A Semantic Analysis S. Stringer-Hye 2016 Fall
Mapping Access A. Hamraie 2016 Spring/Summer
Linked Data from the Medieval Middle East D. Michelson 2016 Spring
Qualitative Analysis of Research Practices in Religion B. Hook, C. Benda, R. Romero 2016 Spring
Manuel Zapata Olivella Collections—Ethnographic Collection P. Covington, L. Gill, K. Smith 2016 Spring
The United States of America vs. Alfried Krupp, et al. D. Schander, K. Smith 2016 Spring/Fall
Wisdom Digitized, Wisdom Multiplied I. Nwankwo, C. Anderson, D. Lilton 2016 Spring
Creating a Vernacular Archive for the History of Medicine: Science & the Subject’s Perspective L. Stark 2015 Fall
Folding, Printing, Binding, Cutting: Contemporary Artist’s Books Project M. A. Caton 2015 Fall
Honoring the Life of Composer Alfred H. Bartles H. Smith-Borne, J. Schaub 2015 Fall
19th Century Broadsides in the Helguera Colombian Collection P. Covington 2015 Summer
Bioimages: a Semantic Web Resource S. Baskauf 2015 Summer
Interactive Research Tutorials in the Law library C. Deane 2015 Summer
Responsive Web Design for the Revised Common Lectionary Website J. Gambill, A. Richardson 2015 Summer
Wish You Were Here: Enrico Caruso Postcard Project M.A. Caton 2015 Summer
The Letters of Flannery O’Connor: A Social Network Analysis S. Stringer-Hye 2015 Spring
Map Digitization Project L. Fox 2015 Spring
Manuel Zapata Olivella Collections Correspondence P. Covington 2015 Spring
Vanderbilt Libraries Special Collections Topics in Wikipedia C. Anderson 2014 Fall
Prepare to Practice C. Hamilton 2014 Fall
Recording History as It Happened: The Vanderbilt IMPACT Symposium  K. Smith 2014 Fall
Historical Tour of the University  K. Smith 2014 Fall
Vanderbilt Television News Archive: Online Exhibit of Presidential Speeches  J. Combs, C. Beals 2014 Fall
Illustrated Editions of Les Fleurs du Mal (1857) by Charles Baudelaire  Y. Boyer 2014 Spring
Helguera Colombian Collection  P. Covington 2014 Spring
Historical Tour of the University  K. Smith 2013 Fall
Vanderbilt Libraries Website Visual Communications  H. Craiglow 2013 Fall
Vanderbilt Libraries Special Collections Topics in Wikipedia  C. Anderson 2013 Fall
Jack Corn Collection of Appalachian Photographs  C. Walker 2012 Spring