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Exploring Disinformation in Media and Society

Clifford Anderson speaks with Buchanan Fellows about disinformation

Clifford Anderson speaks with Buchanan Fellows about disinformation

About the Project

From the 2016 presidential election to contemporary conspiracy theories related to the pandemic and politics, much attention has been paid to the role of social media in the rapid spread of disinformation. What exactly is disinformation, though? Is this a new phenomenon, or is it deeply embedded in power structures predating social media? Students in this fellowship explored the role of disinformation in both legacy media and social media, and its effects on society. Through a seminar-style approach, students followed an  open access curriculum , connected theory to contemporary news, and created a podcast as their final project. These podcasts will become part of an  ongoing project exploring the intersection of media and society .  



Ming Chen, Katie Cho, Brooke Gallaway, Biyao Gao, Sarah Beth Huntley, Morgan Johnson, Shaun Karakkattu, Chase Mandell, Sara Paik, Virali Patel, Jingyi "Annie" Wang, Rui Ya "Reya" Wang, Chuer "Sophia" Yan, and Justin Yu, Shiman (Miranda) Zhu


Melissa Mallon, Bobby Smiley, Andy Wesolek