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Gateway to Traditional Chinese Monuments: Data Curation and Web Development for Cultural Heritage Preservation


Christine Chen

Alex Li

About the Project

This recipient of this Buchanan Library Fellowship worked with Immersion students to help faculty to develop data for Architectura Sinica, a Chinese architectural history dynamic site archive and architectural thesaurus. The fellows worked with A&S faculty and library staff to develop entries on individual sites and add visual material for thesaurus of technical terms for Traditional Chinese Architecture. Fellows in this on-going project are acknowledged as co-authors for digital publication of the entries they complete. Pre-requisite of HART 2815 Digital Heritage: Methods and Practice: The Chinese Temple (or recommendation of supervising faculty) is required to participate.

The Fellows

Christine Chen (Zhuo Chen)

Alex Li (Zhixian Li)

The Instructors

Tracy Miller, associate professor of history of art, associate professor of Asian studies

Yuh-Fen Benda, librarian for Asian studies; librarian for metadata