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Misinformation, Social Media, & the Effects on Society

About the Project

Flush with the spirit of techno-optimism (information wants to be free!), the internet promised liberation by eliminating barriers to information, and enabling its spread instantaneously and globally. However, in recent years we have seen that misinformation spreads equally rapidly, generating profound social repercussions. From filter bubbles and echo chambers to the cascading effects of conspiracy theories, this fellowship explores the spread of misinformation on a variety of social media platforms, interrogates its meaning and its strategies, and questions the efficacy of unregulated free speech or simple hierarchies of credibility as antidotes to misinformation. To engage further with the topics covered in this fellowship, students will record and produce podcasts as part of a developing series on media and society.


Andy Wesolek; Bobby Smiley; Melissa Mallon


Applications closed; fellows to be announced soon