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Telling the Story of Civil War Nashville through Storymaps


Grant F. Bowlds

Fortress Nashville Storymap

Alyssa L Bolster and Jacob Hale 

Hospitals and Healing in Civil War Nashville Storymap

Ao Qu

Naval Battle of Nashville Storymap


About the Project

Using records, maps and photographs from the Vanderbilt Special Collections and other historic Nashville collections, this Buchanan Library Fellowship created a series of Storymaps projects: interactive, GIS-based visual tools that combine information on many individual locations into a single visual product, telling the exciting stories of Civil War Nashville. The projects map the fortifications of Nashville or the hospitals of Civil War Nashville. Mapped locations were matched with information from photos, stories, period maps and articles. Fellows assisted with historical research and worked with faculty to compile and organize available photos, articles and maps of important locations within Civil War Nashville. Fellows also helped to build Storymaps using ArcGIS software and convert data into file formats amenable to ArcGIS. 

The Fellows

Alyssa L Bolster, Grant F Bowlds, Jacob Hale and Ao Qu

The Instructors

Brandon Hulette

Stacy Curry-Johnson