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The Artist's Workshop in Medieval and Renaissance Europe: Curatorial and Collections Fellowship with the Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery


About the Project

Two Buchanan Library Fellows spent the spring semester of 2021 on this gallery exhibition project. Fellows conducted object research and writing for the winter 2021 exhibition "The Artist's Workshop in Medieval and Renaissance Europe" at the Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery. The two curatorial and collections fellows investigated a selection of medieval and renaissance objects in the Fine Arts Gallery collection, drawing from observation of physical artworks, Gallery object records, and research conducted through the Jean & Alexander Heard Libraries. This research and writing will ultimately contribute to a printed exhibition catalog, signage and exhibition labels. In the fall 2021 semester, the fellows will refine several pieces of writing to be included in exhibition labels and the catalog and will and gain hands-on experience with exhibition production and installation for an art gallery.

The Fellows

Matthew Bartlett and Anna C (Chloe) Davis

The Instructors

Kali Mason

Emily Weiner