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Books through the Ages: Genre in the Nineteenth Century

About the Project

What was the last book you got lost in? In the nineteenth century, people read potboilers for pleasure, consulted almanacs about weather, and learned how to manage their households and businesses from monthly magazines. Nineteenth-century innovations in book making and printing changed the world and created new opportunities for reading. Three Buchanan Library Fellows chose from a range of bound materials that highlight the new and expanded genres that exploded onto the 19th century scene: children's literature, magazines, almanacs, novels, poetry, religious literature, scientific literature, political literature, and more.

In addition to examining the printed materials of the nineteenth century, Fellows learned the foundations of curatorial practice and book history. Using critical thinking and interpretive methods, they curated an exhibition of materials from Special Collections. 

The Fellows

Josanda Addo, Robby Jordan Espano, Hannah Alex Tsiao

The Instructors

Mary Anne Caton, Library Programs and Grants Coordinator

Rachel Lavenda, Curator of Special Collections