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Ethics of Information

Benjamin Bryce's Final Presentation (PDF): Identity Theft Protection: Is it Worth it?
Fellowship: Project Proposal

About the Project

Even before we learn to read, humans consume information through a variety of formats – children's books, fiction and non-fiction, academic scholarship, and more. The internet has made the consumption of information easier than ever, but also brings with it issues related to access, privacy, and ethical concerns. In this seminar, fellows explored issues related to technology and ethics by examining a variety of information genres and discussing strategies for engaging with information in its many forms with a critical eye. In this fellowship, students created individual Public Service Announcements (PSAs) on a topic of their choosing, related to the ethics of information.

The Fellows

Benjamin Bryce, JoJo Dong, Brian Duncan, Giselle Hengst, Chetan Immanneni, Jack Pantlin, and Annie Zhou

The Instructors

Sarah Burriss, PhD candidate, Department of Teaching & Learning, Peabody College

Melissa Mallon, Director of Peabody Library, Director of Teaching & Learning

Bobby Smiley, Director of Divinity Library

Andy Wesolek, Director of Digital Scholarship and Communications