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Encoding Music Manuscripts in Vanderbilt University Special Collections


Fellowship: Project Proposal

About the Project

The Music Encoding Initiative (MEI) is the musical parallel to the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI). Used in various musical digital editions across the globe, MEI has in recent years arisen to become the premiere application of digital humanities methods in the sphere of music scholarship and analysis. This project sought to acquaint a new generation of students to the nuts and bolts of coding notated music as applied to an Alfred Schnittke manuscript held by the Libraries' Special Collections. As well as developing skills in coding and project management, students explored how music is distinct from, overlaps with, and can be connected to other subject areas within the larger digital community. The conclusion of the project consisted of a video presentation documenting their music encoding, which is on a private GitHub repository.

The Fellows

Anna Jandura-Cessna, Sara Clements, Cheston Humphreys, and Jeremiah Kamtman

The Instructors

Dr. Joy H. Calico, Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor of Musicology, Professor of German Studies

Jake Schaub, Librarian for Music Cataloging