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Privacy, Surveillance, and Intellectual Freedom


Exported Social Media and Surveillance
Fellows: Haylee Hayes and Emily Irigoyen

From Locke to Zuckerberg: Philosophical Conceptions of Privacy and their Evolutionary Applications to Facebook
Fellows: David Cohen and Matthew Sohn
Part I

Part II

Is the Idea of Surveillance Capitalism?
Fellows: Induja Kumar and Shannon Yan
Part I

Part II

What are my Rights to Privacy in the Digital Age?
Fellow: Haylee Hayes

Fellowship Research Guide


About the Project

New online research environments have made the discovery and consumption of information easier than ever. However, these environments often threaten privacy and intellectual freedom by relying on surveillance economies and architectures. In this seminar, fellows explored the intersection of privacy and intellectual freedom, and the surveillance logics that influence online research and communication practices. Using a variety of formats (such as a podcast, presentation, or video Public Service Announcement), fellows created final projects that analyze issues related to technology and privacy.

The Fellows

David Cohen, Haylee Hayes, Emily Irigoyen, Induja Kumar, Matthew Sohn, Shannon Yan

The Instructors

Melissa Mallon, Director of Peabody Library; Dir of Teaching & Learning Interim Manager Central Subject Librarians

Andy Wesolek, Director of Digital Scholarship & Scholarly Communications